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Interview Failure

Submitted by L.A. Urko on June 15, 2010 – 8:06 pmComments

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I have graduated from college and a year long certificate program and now, like everyone else will have to enter the job search. I started job searching at all places even retail jobs so that I could have an income while waiting to hear back from my dream job.

I went on my very first interview EVER at a department store. After, what I guess were the usual questions about work experience, I was asked about my career goals. I decided to truthfully express my hopes and dreams of being a Today Show producer.

The interviewer told me she had to play the “devil’s advocate” now. She told me that working 40 hours a week would not allow me to ever achieve my goal. I told her that I was willing to just volunteer at a news station during my time off, so that I could gain experience for my resume and eventually get a job in the field. She continued to tell me what I wanted to do was impossible because retail hours are so demanding and vary, even if news never sleeps.

So I question whether or not my choice to disclose my future plans were a good idea. I guess I should have lied and said I dreamt of stocking shelves, using a register, and living off the 8 dollars an hour that the store could give me for the rest of my life.

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