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In Love with Twilight

Submitted by Katie on June 8, 2010 – 10:46 pmComments

I’m not a teenager, and I’ve never been a big fan of sci-fi.  Normally, I wouldn’t so much as glance at a vampire story.  I studied literature in college and am admittedly a bit of a book snob.  So how is it that I am absolutely in love with The Twilight Saga?

Usually a purposeful reader, I like to experience a book’s words and absorb the details.  While reading the Twilight books, I skipped whole paragraphs to survive Bella’s incessant whining.  The books’ simple syntax ranges from mildly annoying to painfully irritating.  Further frustration occurs when holes appear in the plot or characters act uncharacteristically.*

And yet, I read this story as a woman obsessed.  I read ravenously, having to physically separate myself from the book in order to eat and sleep.  I’m undeniably in love with this story.

But why?

And then, as a friend lamented life’s uncertainties and said that it would be nice to have fewer choices, it hit me—destiny.  Not just a stripper name, the outdated, fairy tale concept is at the heart of Twilight. The story embraces the idea that true soul mates exist.  Maybe when it comes to love, we’re tired of being in control.  We yearn for that all-powerful, fated love that no number of werewolves or vampires can destroy.

And if that destiny happens to be beyond humanly beautiful, strong, sexy, devoted, and benevolent… well, that’d be okay too.

(Photo courtesy of Cody huelster via Flickr)

*Despite these issues, it is an excellent story.  Please do not send me hate mail.  Oh, and if you want to know, I pick Edward.

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