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Improv Everywhere MP3 Experiment!

Submitted by Candice Horn on October 3, 2010 – 8:33 pmComments

mp34_54There’s something about participating in an impromptu event.

I’m not talking about those crazy flash mob things.

Of course, you all probably have heard of Improv Everywhere’s events. I used to love listening to their supermarket symphonies and crazy musicals. Last year, I really wanted to attend the “No Pants Subway Ride.”

After a lot efforts in attempting to coerce my friends into going, I settled with the notion that I was going alone. Terrified, I backed out at the last minute. Somehow I rationalized that if I was still looking for a job, I wouldn’t want a potential employer to search my name in Google and find LO AND BEHOLD exactly how round my bottom looks in underwear. That was my excuse.

This year, I was even more hesitant to go to Improv Everywhere’s MP3 experiment. You know—the one where you download the mp3 file and bring all sorts of random things (like toilet paper and a special gift wrapped present of something you want to give away). Meet at the designated area beforehand—-and turn on the mp3 track exactly at 6 p.m. What ensues is usually hilarious—especially when dozens (or thousands in this case) do exactly the same thing at the same time.

Heres a sample of the things we had to do:

  1. Romantically slow dance with an item in a retail store. (I couldn’t stop giggling when the workers gathered together and were asking WTF was going on!)
  2. Upon leaving, we all froze in the store (we couldn’t make it in time to freeze in the streets)
  3. Mummify ourselves in Bryant Park
  4. Prance around and hide like a ninja in Bryant Park
  5. Sing Happy Birthday to Steve amongst total strangers
  6. Draw the seven continents and pass it along with random strangers.

I can’t even express how much of a thrill it was. A rush to be doing all these things with absolute strangers. I checked back on the website to see everyone’s comments…and THERE were a lot. All of them were very positive-such as Kelly who stated that this event “restored her faith in humanity.” Some people, at the Secret Santa gift exchange, got items such as Rubik’s cubes, a Jesus action figure, and a thong. I got a pair of plastic binoculars from this poor girl who felt guilty when she found out that I had given her my old sunglasses.

You know’s funny? Or corny rather. There’s something about these events — something that I believe everyone should experience. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Improv Everywhere really does do crazy things—but they’re always good things that bring out the child in yourself. It’s a really good feeling when you’re doing something positive like high fiving strangers on the street.
  • It really does make you see the best in people-how so many random strangers can really do something positive and get together to do something fun.
  • It breaks off the monotony in life — how often is it that we have pillow fights or star wars battles? Or musicals in our life? Or a huge park full of mummies to commemorate a stranger’s birthday?
  • It’s always fun to look back on the pictures and how much you surprised someone else. For the MP3 experiment, there were some people who crashed a wedding in Times Square- they didn’t do anything horrible though. They just made a bridge for the bride to go under!
  • The best part is —- it’s such an original idea that you can be a part of …and get such a rush while you’re doing it!
  • It takes you out of your comfort zone into something semi thrilling and forces you to challenge yourself. I’ll admit something—I know I’m never going to do some sky diving. I’m too much of a wimp to do it. So this is something semi close to as thrilling as I’ll ever get.
  • It’s something you might put on your bucket list —-that you can cross off now!
  • It makes for a great story afterward!

I highly suggest that when you’re feeling lazy (like I was)—go out there and do it! Don’t worry—each event is different. I’ve always gone to their pillow fights (which have gotten more out of control with the increase in popularity and semi angry people with hormones. You can’t imagine how hard some of them hit!)  Better yet- maybe you can organize your own! If not, do something else outside of your comfort zone! Have fun!

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