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I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Submitted by Bonnie Sludikoff on October 25, 2010 – 11:59 pmComments

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No man is an island. I remember being on the edge of age six and standing at a podium in a huge synagogue and reading that quote at my sister’s bat mitzvah. At the time, I was mostly swept into a few thoughts- including “who are all of these people and why are they looking at me like I’m a little pink satin cupcake they’re about to eat?” and “…I wonder if I can trust the person who told me that the S in Island is silent?”

with a little help from my friends...

with a little help from my friends...

More than 20 years later, I’m struck by the precision of this quote- “No Man is an Island,” and a little sheepish about how long it’s taken me to understand these words and be able to apply them.

I’ve found myself overwhelmed and grateful the past several weeks, by an outpouring of support from a small network of friends. How wonderful, I’ve realized, that if you’re just willing to accept the support and care of your friends, that they will gather around you in a time of need.  I’ve only seen this happen in movies, and it’s not something I’ve ever been willing to ask for, or accept.

But in the asking is where I’m learning that the more that you take care of yourself, the more you have to offer to others. So, in spite of still resolving some unsettling feelings about being a “taker” at a time where I wish I didn’t need anything from anyone- I also feel a new level of availability for helping others.

In true cosmic timing, I came across a contest- a week underway, that seems to be an answer to my hopes and prayers.  A chance at my dream job- one that I can be considered for if I can only win a popularity contest by getting people to vote for me. My first thought was, wow, how will I ever catch up- there seem to be a few ambitious people with a strong network.  Then I realized, my existing network is pretty impressive- maybe they can do it! (So there!)

However, I also realized quickly that I need to use my new ability to be a “taker” and raise the stakes to going to extremes to get people to give me the moment of time that I’m asking for. This is something I would not have been willing to do a month ago. Funny, how things happen when they’re supposed to.

I’m pleased to announce that my humble and gracious network of 480 facebook friends (many of whom have reposted the link for me!) have brought me from page 102 up to page 13 in just a few days of campaigning and clicking VOTE. If I can just get a little more support, I know I can get my dream job.

Continuing in the life lesson attached to this shameless plug, the minute I think of how far I need to venture in this competition, I freak out. I have a ways to go. But instead I’m choosing to live in the realm of possibility- and note that I’ve climbed in the competition daily and still have untapped resources.

And so I’m using my favorite writing gig (Thechoiceeffect.com) as a shameless plug to ask you to vote as well. But you know what, I don’t feel bad about asking.

I’d also like to ask, readers, what do you need to ask for in your life??? Post it as a comment. Or ask the people that you need this from directly.

Sometimes we just need to ask for the things we want and need.

A friend posted the following quote on his facebook today. “When life hands you lemons, if you ask nicely for help, sometimes people will make lemonade for you!”

Never were truer words spoken. You know, as I’ve come across bushels and bushels of lemons in my mid 20s and been told to make lemonade- I’ve often despaired that I don’t know how to make it. Literally.

So, if you’d like to help me make some lemonade.  I’m setting up shop at this link.


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