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I Don’t “Get” Politics

Submitted by Katie on November 6, 2010 – 2:27 amComments

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PoliticsI’ve never particularly liked talking politics.* I rarely feel the need to vocalize my political persuasions. That’s saying a lot considering I pretty much feel the need to vocalize everything.

And yes, I’ll be the first to admit that this is because I don’t “get” politics. (Of course, when I say “politics” I mean the United States’ version with two parties, power ties, a tea party, but, sadly, no bite-sized sandwiches.) I don’t get how I can listen to months of radio and TV commercials for candidates and learn nothing but their names. I don’t get why I need to brand myself as a Republican or a Democrat when I can scribble in whichever bubble I want to on Election Day.

I still value my right to vote and exercise that right for more than the cute “I voted” sticker. However, I also value words, and so much of talking about politics is talking while saying nothing.

More bothersome, though, is that discussing politics in social situations makes me wildly uncomfortable. It never fails that as soon as talk of elections arises, everyone is suddenly a staunch Republican or a radical Democrat. I’m never sure how that happens. They are already drunk at the party while I am weighing my invitations and picking out my shoes.

In the end, I’ll decide to stay home and write these 237 (less purposeful than I’d like to think) words and value my privately bubbled-in ballots.

*Read some of my previous feelings about Ms. PoliticsMakesMeFeelSpecial.

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