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How to Commemorate Your Breakup for Just $8.99

Submitted by on March 4, 2010 – 4:58 pmComments

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What’s better than breaking up?

Creating a photo montage of it.

Here’s the deal: I spend a lot of time online. A lot. As a result, I do lots of shopping online. Lots of browsing for more shopping. And lots of thinking about browsing for shopping.

Here’s something sweet I did this week that you should do. Make a photo book of all the ways you are hot. Make a breakup photo book for a friend. Make a bachelorette party photo book for the sad girl crying in the corner (no, the one who isn’t engaged). Or not. Until March 31 you can get (make) a personalized photo book at Picaboo for FREE. The book costs $39.99 regularly, you get it for free. And you pay just $8.99 to ship. I did, and I’m still standing.

Picaboo Promotional Banner

Here’s how:

  1. Go to picaboo and enter your email
  2. Make your photo book (you download some free software to do it)
  3. Use code AFFLGB
  4. You’ll get it FREE, and you’ll pay just $8.99 to ship. Hooray!
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