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Happy Fits

Submitted by Tara Redfield on August 29, 2010 – 6:13 amComments

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happy-woman-eating-bananasLoving every part of ourselves is easier said than done.   I recently saw the film, “Eat Pray Love” and it brought something very important to my attention.  Not only the importance of self love, but also the importance of saying screw what others think, I’m going to be happy right now in this moment with my body.

Julia Roberts is in Italy at one of the best pizza places in Naples.  She is enjoying every bite she is taking, while her friend is not.  She asks what’s wrong.  Her friend explains that she can’t eat anymore because she has already gained ten pounds.  Roberts looks at her and asks if a man has ever asked her to leave because she was too repulsive to look at.  The woman quietly giggled and said no.

The point being, women constantly criticize, torture, and neglect themselves in the hopes of what?  Fitting an ideal mold set by no one in particular except a glossy piece of paper staring back at them from a Target checkout aisle.  That’s a piece of paper, something without a heart beat or brain that knows nothing about us…yet we want to do everything it “says.”

There is no reason that perfectly beautiful, healthy women should be making themselves cry because their stomach doesn’t feel like cement.  Of course, one shouldn’t let themselves become unhealthily heavy, but being a little bit soft is very feminine and very sexy.  My butt is never going to be small, it just isn’t, no matter how many lunges I do, and you know what?  I get many, many compliments from men and women about my butt.  I accept it.  The secret I have found, is to casually exercise and eat anything I want, but in moderation.  Life tastes too good to say no!

There is too much fun to be had in life to be obsessed with having “the perfect body.”  There is no one “perfect body.”  We are all perfect to someone.  If you are born with an incredibly high metabolism, and are naturally lean with rock hard abs that is beautiful.  Remember that is only one opinion of what beauty is out of thousands.  Each of us are someone’s opinion and all of our beauty needs to exist in this world. Be fit, be healthy, but don’t be chasing a piece of paper…your happiness is more important than that.

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