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Happiness Tip # 4

Submitted by Jordan-Alicia Machado on July 20, 2010 – 3:48 pmComments

In contrast to how relaxed this weekend was, I sprung out of bed first thing this morning with my mind churning a million miles a moment.  Seriously, it’s as if there’s some sort of intrinsic “go” button that’s automatically activated every morning.

I’ve decided to channel this momentum to the best of my ability.  I need fuel to tackle this mounting pile of tasks I’ve yet to complete.  I’m ever the organizer but lately my life has been one giant snowball-turned-avalanche.  I’m certain that the best way to find happiness is by facing the path to it head-on. I refuse to go another day without moving forward, onward toward the happy life I want and away from the clutter that is my current existence.  This is not to indicate I’m entirely unhappy at present.  I’m simply objective enough to realize that each journey must begin with a single step (as disgustingly cliché as it sounds).

I’m struck by how this tiny notion could somehow transform my entire perspective.  Money-wise, I’ve vowed to develop the perfect budget.  I will learn to (a) live within my means or, more preferably, (b) learn to match my means to my living. Honestly, this whole “gap year” thing is meant for working (read: hanging with the cutest little kiddos on the planet) and figuring out graduate school.  So, working seven days a week is perhaps only surging me forward towards meeting that goal.

Today was incredibly stressful for a variety of reasons, largely worsened by extreme exhaustion (and the daunting possibility that I may be falling ill — again), and a colorful variety of other issues seem to plague me, and often.  Slowly, though, I’m realizing that if perhaps these issues are all symptomatic of adulthood (and thus here to stay), I might need to change my attitude in order to make it out in one piece.

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