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Got Ads?

Submitted by AB on June 23, 2010 – 5:53 amComments

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Picture 1I do not appreciate advertisements that dictate how I should feel and what I should do.  Maybe I want to think inside the bun, cocooned within a plush, refined white roll. When my eight-year-old self got a stiff neck from twirling in a mechanical teacup, I was able to think of a myriad of other places that were much happier than the Magical Kingdom. And who does Nike think it is to tell me to “Just Do It?” I doubt that Planned Parenthood concurs with such reckless pressure.

I wish I had the strength to stand against the influential tides of manipulation, but  know that the subliminal messages still sway my choices. Companies spend millions of dollars to deliberately position their brands and entice consumers to purchase their goods and services. I may not believe that certain trash bags will alleviate my mood or that specific iced tea is really made from the best stuff on earth, yet I feel inclined to buy Glad and Snapple brand products anyway. And I know that I’m not the only one.

If we are all bombarded with thousands of advertisements daily, and we retain bits and pieces of those messages (whether we realize it or not), how much of our free choice do we actually utilize?

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