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From “Biffles” to Bridesmaids

Submitted by Danielle Cort on July 13, 2010 – 3:48 amComments

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thebestoffriendsAt a young age, my best friends and I adorned ourselves in half-heart necklaces, matching mood rings, and doodled “BFF” all over our pink Five Star’s. We had marathon sleepovers, chatted incessantly, and used ridiculous terms like “bestie” and “sister from another mister” to describe our unbreakable bond.

Fast forward a decade or so and those relationships no longer exist. I haven’t spoken to any of my middle school or high school PIC’s in a long time. I occasionally track their lives (inadvertently) on Facebook or run into an old friend at a local bar. But other than that, my “biffles” from fifth grade are now just a memory.

My real friends, the ones I tell it all to, the girls who have really become my sisters, I found in college – three incredible women who I have laughed with, cried with, gotten into trouble with (more than a few times). It’s a friendship that goes beyond being a fav – they truly are forever friends.

I recently attended a housewarming party for one of my bests and it hit me…we’re growing up, but we’re growing together. Six years later and I know that our close friendship isn’t another phase. Our college years were just the beginning of cocktail parties, long lunches, and shopping days. I know, too, that those days will eventually turn into weddings, play dates, and mommy’s-night-out. I envision many more years and memories with the same women I stumbled home drunk with, skipped class with, and ate pizza with at 3:00 A.M (on Tuesday’s).

Since graduating we’ve all picked up hectic schedules, have been slaves to demanding jobs, and have struggled to often find a balance between what we need and want to do in our lives. Through all of that, though, we have remained the best of friends. And that term doesn’t mean what it used to. We don’t talk or see each other every day, or wear faux jewelry to signify our tight friendship. We’ve just made a choice to be a part of each other’s lives – in whatever capacity that means.

Photo Courtesy: Jenna Carrabis

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  • Triciawappe

    Danielle, Beautifully written. I had so many of the same thoughts as I watched you all at the Housewarming. Jenna's Auntie Tricia

  • This sounds just like Amalia and Lara wrote it;)

  • Ellyn Carrabis

    What a great article . After seeing you all together again on Sunday, this is exactly what I was thinking ... how you've all grown up but not grown apart.

  • Michaelscort

    Nana Cort once told me that if you can count your best friends on three fingers of one hand - you are more fortunate than most!

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