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Even Adults Should Play Hooky.

Submitted by Clay Neesham on August 2, 2010 – 5:59 amComments

winking-smileyWhen we become adults and enter the real world we strive to be responsible in how we live our lives. When we’re kids and we really don’t feel like going to school, there aren’t too many repercussions to faking sick and missing a day of school every once in a while. But when you are an adult with a job you really can’t not go in simply because you don’t want to go to work. You’ll lose a day’s pay, or in some extreme cases your job if it’s done when you’re needed most. When you’re an adult and don’t feel like going to work you have to suck it up and go in anyway.

This is what people should normally do. But every once in a great while, it’s fun and even therapeutic to embrace our inner adolescent and play hooky from work. And I’m not talking about requesting a day off several weeks in advance. I mean calling in that morning with a quickly concocted excuse as to why you can’t come in to work.

There are several reasons why one should do this. It briefly reconnects us back to an earlier and simpler time in our lives. It reminds us that while our jobs are an important part of our lives, they aren’t the most important thing about us. Plus being naughty makes the events of the day that much more enjoyable. There’s a reason being bad feels good, and that is it’s fun.

Of course, you shouldn’t call out of work every time you have the impulse. That would be bad for everyone. Instead just do it once in a while.

Have fun.

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