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Dating Good in the Neighborhood

Submitted by Christina J. on May 20, 2010 – 1:48 amComments

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If you’ve ever worked at a restaurant, you already know that there is no better, more efficient place to meet people. For those who haven’t had the lucky opportunity to bus tables part-time at a Chili’s or serve hordes of prom-going teens at an Olive Garden, let me clarify. Restaurants, particularly overstaffed national chains, are teeming with single twenty-somethings who feel entitled to kick back and relax with other restaurant employees after a lengthy shift. And there are definite perks to finding your fling at the Cracker Barrel, as unglamorous and unromantic as it sounds.

For example, there’s always a high employee turnover, so expect a fresh crop of young, datable coworkers every month or so. If in three months nothing piques your interest, just transfer to the franchise on the other side of town.

Not only is it a more recession-friendly alternative to dating sites (you’re getting paid!), but it will allow you to assess your coworkers’ personalities in a way that Match.com can only dream of recreating. For instance, you get the chance to see how your potential matches react in challenging, awkward situations, such as having to sing an embarrassing birthday jingle or dropping a tray of entrées on the way to their table.

And because restaurant uniforms are rarely fitted or flattering, anyone who is interested in you during work hours will inevitably be impressed when they see you in normal, grease-free clothing and with hair that is not slicked back in a ponytail. If you ever put on a dress, it will probably blow their mind.

Sure, you might have to put up with some unsavory personalities, but if you need a way to make extra cash and found yourself flirting with your server last time you went to Applebee’s, you could certainly do worse than work at a restaurant. And for those already slaving away in the  industry, congrats! You’re already a part of this largely untapped world of dating potential, and it’s only a matter of time until that tall, dark, and handsome line cook of your dreams spices things up.

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  • Ina

    Interesting! In the world of education that I'm in, there were rarely any potential interests, so it's so foreign to me to be able to meet people in the workplace!

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