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Comfort Overload

Submitted by Elyse W on June 11, 2010 – 10:45 pmComments

Photo courtesy of biancamarie via Flickr

Comfort is a tricky thing. It’s something we strive for in our everyday lives― in our relationships, our home, our job and even our food. But is there a point when we have too much comfort, when having goals and aspirations seem in the distant past. We’re comfortable, but somehow not happy. We’re so OK, or so mediocre that we’re just too cozy to change, or be proactive. Because in order to change we have to leave our warm security blankets behind and step into what, at first, seems like a thorny, never-ending patch of obstacles.

Eventually, that discomfort would fade and perhaps the best decision when it’s all said and done, but it is the making of that difficult choice that proves challenging. You know it’s going to hurt, and you’re not quite sure for how long, so you choose comfort. In that scenario however, you constantly find yourself looking out the window yearning for more. Then there’s always the back and forth, which is the worst.  A real life limbo on earth. It’s when you make a decision then rescind on it, and all the while disturbing your cushy little bubble, pushing on it hoping it will somehow pop on it’s own. This, of course, would leave you with no decision to ponder over. And over.

And you’re not dumb, you know you’re not happy, and in your heart of hearts you know the real answer. Although you still insist on asking for advice from others. Hark. These people have the same advice that your gut instinct conceived from the beginning. Funnily enough, you persist to defend your of lack choice and current state of malarkey, and subsequently firmly plant your feet back into the soil bed of contentment.

-Elyse Wood

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