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Being Smart With A Broken Heart

Submitted by Sara McClory on January 10, 2011 – 8:23 pmComments

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You’ve been dumped. The worst is over. So what now? Well burning all his things and stocking him on Myspace is a route to go if your completely crazy. Don’t get me wrong, revenge is sweet but leaves an everlasting bitter taste in your mouth. Your heart is broken and no matter what you say to him, you’ll still be hurt and hurting him won’t make you feel better. So you have try another road and avoid the one with the street sign called ‘Disaster’.

Disaster Avenue on Destruction Road:

1. If I can’t have him, then no one can!

That kind of psycho talk is how Hollywood takes your small time story into a money making motion picture…plus adding unwanted media that adds years to your sentence. Please don’t be as crazy as that chick in Single White Female, because if you’ve ever seen the ending, it don’t work out to well for the insane one.

2. In Sight, In Mind??????

Don’t think your constant appearance will make him change his mind, if anything, he might be making fun of you. If you work together, you might want a change of scenery, or cubicle for that matter. There’s no shame in leaving, your looking for a new exciting work place anyways.

3. The Best Friend Factor

Put your hands up and step away from his best friend! I mean it, I’ll shoot if I have too! The biggest mistake you can do is try to get with one of his friends. Why? …..

a.     He might actually like you and your just looking for to hurt your ex, but you’d also be hurting an innocent by stander.

b.     You could destroy a friendship. You wouldn’t want a guy doing that to you and your best bud, so don’t do it to them, no matter how mad you are. It’s not worth losing your morals over a silly little break up.

c.     He might reject you and that’s more embarrassing than ever! Not only will everyone know but so will you ex and you will be called many names that I can’t even mention. Don’t do it, it’s social suicide.

4. Rebounds not worth a bounce

Revenge sex with some sleazy guy you wouldn’t normally go near without a hazmat suit and Purell, isn’t ‘getting back’ at him, your just opening yourself for shame and probably some STD’s.

5. Well, at least I have Ben & Jerry

Don’t eat your feelings. Have one night of snacks and cry at some terrible love films before jumping back on your game. Ben & Jerry will ALWAYS be there, but you don’t want to be.

On the Road to Mending the heart:

1. Be single for a while, it’s better to work on yourself so you’ll be at maximum happiness when you meet Mr. Right (or Mrs., I don’t judge, do your thang!).

2. Be Civil, always. Don’t avoid places because your ex might be there. Say hello, ask how he is and if your not ready for that, just ignore him.

3. Hang with the girls and have has much fun as possible.

4. Pick apart your relationship. Why didn’t it work? What can you work on or what kind of person do YOU want to be with.

5. Clubs and Bars are no where Mr. Right for You, we ill be. Try the grocery store, do some charity work, the gym, a conference or the freakin’ library. Be creative unless your ready to settle for the same old, same old.

6. Be you but don’t be a bitch. No woman truly is a bitch. We act like bitches as a survival skill whether with other females or work area or in a relationship (where it SHOULD be masked because being cunning is so much better.) So have a friend sit down from time to time if your bitch meter is going off.

7. Love yourself. If you don’t, how can you love anyone else.

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