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20-something "Choister" who grew up all over the world having what some could/would coin as “hippie” parents, though my mum would be offended by being called that. (She grew up “aristocratically” as the daughter of an “ambassador”). My dad is no way near being too-far-removed from his all-American upbringing. (Though he’s definitely a philosopher and “spiritualist” along with being caught up in the economical/socio-political state of the world right now). (I don’t think socio-political is a realistic term but fudge it, this is my "bio" soo... can say what I want, right?) I moved to New York City 7 years ago and still haven’t managed to figure out a permanent “escape” plan, and now that I'm dating a 40-something year old painter, who's work is completely intertwined with this city, I think I'll be here for quite a while more. Which could be a good thing, seeing as I still haven’t found, completely, what I was looking for when I moved back to America after living in (Eat.Pray.Love.(Hate)India for 5 and a half years. As you can see, I also have a love affair with quotation marks and ( )’s. Which might as well be an addiction, and not really a love affair, seeing as it’s probably not a healthy relationship based on what’s proper and improper, grammatically speaking. Oh well. If anyone would like to email me, preferably for professional reasons only, feel free to do so at [email protected] or just... keep reading and commenting on my posts.

My Hair Looks Good Today, But What About My Vagina?
March 23, 2010 – 9:50 am | Comments
My Hair Looks Good Today, But What About My Vagina?

Had I known my curiosity was going to lead me down yet another road of self-doubt, I would have never opened this “Pandora’s Box” (pun definitely intended) of Goodies.

The Perils of the Ease of Clicking “SEND”
March 15, 2010 – 8:47 pm | Comments
The Perils of the Ease of Clicking “SEND”

You can compose very clearly, a huge number of thoughts, either complimentary or venomous, which can be sent en-masse. This huge amount of love or abuse, gets shot at a moment, a giga-second, by pressing a button, we’re sometimes not even looking at, the moment we do it.

It’s almost as though, our finger did it, and not us.

Stress: The Other “Person” in Our Bed.
March 8, 2010 – 9:00 am | Comments
Stress: The Other “Person” in Our Bed.

Seems like Hollywood filmmakers are great at throwing (imaginary) family members, exes, etc. in bed with a couple for comical relief, but what about that thing people don’t usually find funny, but is there: Stress. Anxiety. “The Dark Cloud of Worrisome Thoughts”.

It’s a Boy! We’re Calling Him Messiah.
March 8, 2010 – 9:00 am | Comments
It’s a Boy! We’re Calling Him Messiah.

I could just do the simple thing (avoiding all the worries of childbearing and later child-caring) and hit up to just digitally figure this whole thing out, but I can’t seem to get myself to actually upload our pictures. Somehow, it seems like cheating.

In my mind I’ve gone as far as to start a list of baby names… knowing that I can’t exactly go too far off the beaten track as my guy HATES unusual baby names, citing that they only lead children to feel like “outsiders”.

Facebook: “The Other Woman” of Today
March 5, 2010 – 7:11 am | Comments
Facebook: “The Other Woman” of Today

What is a “healthy” relationship going to look like when the dust settles from this “Twitter-Storm-Facebook-Frenzy?”
When everything is right there, conversations and fantasies waiting to be had with just the click “confirming” a friend, how does one maintain a healthy relationship, with the person who ISN’T staring at you via an old photograph on a computer screen?

Why Didn’t I think of THAT?
February 22, 2010 – 2:49 pm | Comments

Ever feel like you just don’t have enough clothes in your closet?

Or you do, but dammit, you’ve worn everything and could really just use a change?