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I am a English major with a concentration in creative writing at Salem State College. I write for a the college news paper and just finished my first novel. I enjoy cliche long walks on the beach and watching old television shows from the 90's.

Laptop: My Extra Limb
November 8, 2010 – 3:40 am | Comments

When people talk about babies, the little bundles of joy that changes ones life, I can’t help but think about my Mac laptop. It’s fairly light and makes me smile, and cry. Sometimes it gets …

Daddy Raised Me To Eat Meat and Potatoes
October 26, 2010 – 2:26 am | Comments

Somewhere in the world, if not down the street, one person is enjoying a juicy burger and another (not in the same restaurant) is enjoying a veggie-burger. Both are satisfied with their meal, yet put …

Pleasin’ in the Season
October 11, 2010 – 9:59 pm | Comments

Every winter, the best holiday comes around where you exchange gifts and drink so much eggnog surprise that you embarrass yourself until you find out the surprise is cinnamon, not alcohol. This holiday is Christmas, …

Got Meat?
September 14, 2010 – 3:29 am | Comments

This years Video Music Award’s weren’t that great (How can you top Kanye West’s interrupting TS last year? You can’t!) but there is something worth mention and that’s Lady Gaga. I don’t care for the …

August 30, 2010 – 8:25 pm | Comments

school, future, jitters

Sisterhood of the Traveling Fists
July 26, 2010 – 5:50 pm | Comments

It’s no surprise when you’re a girl and have sisters that the words ‘sibling rivalry’ will come up time and time again. But I’m not talking about how my two sisters plotted against me and …

Super Hero’s and Villains of the real world.
July 12, 2010 – 5:58 pm | Comments

Real hero’s…no Cullens allowed.

You, your boyfriend and his nagging mother: How to survive dinning with the devil in disguise.
June 28, 2010 – 8:39 pm | Comments

Sometimes you find perfection in the form of a gorgeous guy who connects to you on almost every level. He likes the same ice cream as you do and don’t mind watching a little Grey’s …