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All She Really Wanted Was a Label Maker

Submitted by Joe El Rady on June 9, 2010 – 5:38 amComments

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“Is this what I think it is?” It was. A shiny thing from Cartier, one of the once unreachable choices a large paycheck can provide a guy looking to put a smile on his girlfriend’s face.

She wore it. She loved it. But, I knew her well enough to recognize the pang of disappointment pinching her lips and tilting her neck. And, after a long talk one night, I learned that she wasn’t kidding when she said that all she really wanted for her birthday was a label maker. Actually missed that one—way back on Valentine’s Day.

What girl wouldn’t want a shiny thing from Cartier? (I think it was called a love bracelet or something.) I gave her a strange look, “seriously, what do you want to do with a label maker?” Her big blue eyes lit up, “label things… all around the house!” Okay, label me: inattentive.

Never mind that I probably should have worried about the symbolism or psychology behind her wanting to literally label things (and what that meant for us), I bought her the label maker. Honestly, I’m still a bit disturbed about how much giggling a twenty-three year old girl can do while printing stickers. Maybe during the time I had spent growing up to become a thirty-two year old Wall Street Banker who constantly works to afford more and more choices, I lost all perspective about them.

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  • LaMarEstaba

    We all have different tastes. Jewelry is beautiful, but it static. It is there to be looked at, to be admired, to accessorize our expensive clothing, but it cannot do more. I'm glad that you bought her the labelmaker, because with it she can DO things. It's like the difference between buying someone a tennis bracelet and a trip to NYC/LA/Singapore. Yes, the tennis bracelet is gorgeous and much-appreciated, but the trip with you to a cool place is much better.

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