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Academic Institutionalized: Hogwarts As A State of Mind

Submitted by Sara McClory on December 20, 2010 – 6:49 pmComments

School and I in the past have had a love/hate relationship, one that I thought ended bitterly in high school and swept me off my feet now in college. The smell of the chalk, the dazed fellow students not knowing where they are because its 8am and they can’t function that early, the hopeless stare from my professors when no one but myself has the answer (I swear, my hand raises so much it hurts when I get home). But then something happens, winter break. I’m confused what to do because I’ve been so attached to the semester; I’m finding myself bored to near death! It’s like being really good at math but summer happens and you can barely count the basics, forget arithmetic sequence! I know I will enjoy lying around doing nothing, but something inside me doesn’t want to lay around like some frog on a log (yup, I pulled that one out from a saying my grandparents would have used). I hate having breaks sometimes, because you end up forgetting to buy your ticket of the freight train of Academia and fall flat on your face when schools start up again. To make a reference people will understand, without getting the constant focus that an entire month can obliterate, you become the Dudley Dursley of the Harry Potter Films (He doesn’t even go to awesome Hogwarts!).

Now Hogwarts isn’t real (Sorry if you didn’t know that before…and if you still believe its real, you might want to get fit into a nice snug straight jacket) but a Hogwarts state of mind can be. I’m a competitive person and being 22 years old, I don’t want to waste a moment of life, which includes an education people take for granite. Some see winter break as a blessing while I see as a curse. If we were in Hogwarts and you slacked, so goodbye because someone would Avada Kedavra your butt in two seconds! I’ve had my fair share of slacking but what I’ve learned this year has changed my whole life, like I have been enlightened (or like when Harry first entered Hogwarts).

So taking some tips from Hermione Granger, I have picked up books and early syllabus’s from my future teachers, hoping to continue to stay on track and not be lured by the temptations of winter break. It sounds crazy that a break is a negative thing to me but I guess its how you spend it and thinking of about the long run of your choices, or lack they’re of.

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