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A Few Hard Truths For Todays Job Bound

Submitted by Clay Neesham on September 22, 2010 – 8:54 pmComments

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During these trying economic times, a young person’s job options are limited. People are studying subjects that interest them in school and then being unable to find employment in the areas they studied in, or are having to put their passions aside and receive an education in a field that’s actually hiring. Either option is making people bitter and prone to complaining about how hard it is out there. I myself spend a long time after I graduating college complaining about how hard it is finding a job. But I’ve finally come to understand the best wway to cope.

 Deal with it.

 So things haven’t been going perfect for you. Complaining about it isn’t going to help. First go out there and get a job. When I say get a job I don’t mean a career position, I mean something that will simply allow you to pay the bills, like a position in retail or a mailroom. Once that’s done figure out the best path to take. It may mean reevaluating yourself and choosing a path you never considered before. For example, after four years of trying to get a job in publishing I’ve started taking classed in the medical field, since it’s a field where employment has kept growing no matter how the economy is. Is it exactly what I want? No. But its better then when I used to sit around complaining about how had bad things are.

 Just my two cents on things.

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