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7 AM Coffee, 8 AM Breakup, 9 AM Office.

Submitted by Cait D. on July 11, 2010 – 5:17 pmComments

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We live in a world where the twentysomethings are supposed to know, understand, and rationalize the feeling of a breaking heart

We’re told to take our first real breakup with a grain of salt because it’s the one that can make us fall the hardest. We are taught to learn and mature with every relationship, cope with breakups using reason, and rationalize them over a few cocktails with friends. It almost seems a little childish and dramatic to let yourself truly feel the full pain of a breakup.

But if we don’t let ourselves fully grieve can we ever get over it?

We eventually stop venting about our feelings because we don’t want to burden our friends and their busy lives with any more of our self-pitying. There are other fish in the sea, big opportunities to be taken on by our talented selves, and goals to achieve in our appointment-packed lives. There is no time to detour onto Poor-Me Rd.

We pick ourselves up, move on, and get back out there. But we can’t help but feel that tiny twinge of emotion even six months after the breakup with Mr. Right-Man Wrong-Time after we see that happy (but most-likely naive) couple sitting on the same side of the table. The ones that make you want to roll your eyes because they seem to be oblivious to the fact that others around them may not enjoy watching their semi-pornographic make out session in a public place; Or they may make us just plain jealous.

Our rational selves come to the rescue. We quickly remember to ditch the bitterness and be happy for them. After all, we make our decisions wisely and are on the path to where we want to be.

The question remains unanswered. Do we push our problems to the side and make it to our 2 O’clock or should we pencil in some sadness?

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  • Good question/post! I've had two Big Breakups--one while I was in college (failed a couple of finals because of that one!), and the other when I was already working--I remember wishing I could call in sick to deal, but it definitely felt childish. I do think that when it comes to breakups, letting yourself feel sad and not pushing it to the side is the smart--if not easiest--thing to do. Otherwise, it just sneaks up on you anyway, 3 weeks later, 3 months later, or, most likely, during your next relationship.

  • Kate

    Thank you! I absulotley agree!

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