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Why Harry Potter Has Ruined My Life.

Submitted by Elizabeth Harris on March 7, 2010 – 6:10 pmComments

I woke up the other morning and realized that I could not go back and change the events of the last couple years.  It seems strange but I was really banking on my ability to use the time travel device Hermione uses to view and assist herself in the past.  I know, I know it sounds absolutely crazy and, of course, in my rational mind I know that I have never, nor will I ever have the abilities that any of the students at Hogwarts have but up until the other morning I guess, it hadn’t really dawned on me.


These days’ movies are too realistic.  I’m a little old for the Harry Potter craze- I’ve only read one book, but I have younger siblings so I’ve seen all the movies along with countless other magic inspired movies that involve young children learning to “cope” with their gifts.  The problem for me is that I’m one of the normal muggles.  What kind of unattainable goals does Harry Potter set for us?!?  Not only will I never have a broom that flies, mail that reads itself to me, or the ability to use my wand to accomplish easily the most annoying tasks, but there is no way to go back and change the past.  What good is learning from your mistakes if you can’t go back and fix them?  At this point in our lives, we may have already made some mistakes that cannot be “learned from” such as choosing the wrong major, choosing the wrong college or choosing the wrong career.  In short, we wasted some time. We learn to work with and deal with our choices but they are as final as they come, and your enlightened doppelganger is not going to show up at any point to let you know what choice to make to get back that time.


I think, perhaps, that people our age are not having a hard time choosing paths in life but have been made to believe that we will get a second or third chance to experience the other options.  It is a rude awakening when you realize that this is it.  This is your life.  The invisibility cloak is all sold out.

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