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Why did you get roses?

Submitted by Lola Schwartz on July 17, 2009 – 5:44 pmComments

My boyfriend sent me roses at work this week, sweet right? They are so beautiful.

Now the best part about these flowers besides that they came from my man, was the note.
He wrote ” Because you are so pretty”… so romantic.

So when one the executives at work walked by and asked me , “What are the flowers for ?” , I simply said because I am so pretty, well his face was that of shock! Once I thought about what I said , I figured that man must really think I’m super egotistical. LOL.

But, I do have to say besides the executive
thinking im totally full of myself, I was completely taken back by what people said about my roses, like …

” What did your boyfriend do?” , ” Someone’s getting out of the dog house.” - SO i thought , Why does a guy have to do anything to send flowers? Do other men only send flowers when they have done something wrong? GOT ME THINKING ….

” Is it your birthday” - Does it have to be a holiday or a birthday to send flowers? OR do other woman only get flowers on their birthday? I AM LUCKY TO HAVE SUCH A NICE GUY…

” Are these roses for you” - I mean there on my desk aren’t they? I felt like saying no they actually
belong to someone else I’m just borrowing them - I MEAN REALLY???

” What are they for”- hmmm just because? HE LOVES ME AFTER ALL…

I will admit out of the several days that the roses have been at work, not only has it brightened up my day, but it has brighten up other peoples too. And the Art office supply delivery man today by far had the best comment… ” Why i bet your enjoyning those roses aren’t you ?” - AND YES I AM!!!

I hope all woman out there get roses for the mere reason that they are

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