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When It’s Easier Not To Choose

Submitted by Ina K. Chung on May 27, 2010 – 8:00 amComments
Photo courtesy kansansforlife.wordpress.com

Photo courtesy kansansforlife.wordpress.com

I have a friend who we’ll call Julie. She’s gorgeous, ambitious, friendly to strangers and children, fun to be around and has great fashion sense.

Her life is miserable.

Her self-destructive ex from six years ago is still asking her what happened to their relationship. A kind-hearted guy with drama-king tendencies insists on taking her out to coffee this week. A guy with a great sense of humor and not much else doesn’t understand the meaning of “We will never, ever be together.” And the guy she really wants lives on the other side of the planet and won’t be leaving any time soon. And that’s just this week.

Julie is cursed with being too hot and having too many men interested in her. To this observer, who was never wooed until her junior year of college, it seems like a “grass is greener” kind of a thing. But after hearing about the lengths she goes through to measure these pretty decent guys against one another, I’d rather stay on my side of the fence.

“I wish I could take this characteristic of one guy, another characteristic of that other guy, the looks of the third guy and make the perfect man!” she says. Heaven forbid she chooses one guy and get stuck with his strengths and weaknesses like the rest of us.

Her myriad of choices have actually led her to consider something that most of us in the modern western world probably have never thought of: an arranged marriage. Julie told her mother that if she met a man whom she thought would be suitable for her daughter, that she would trust her mother 100% and marry him. “Who else is looking out for my interests more than my mom?” she reasons.

In an arena of life where buyer’s remorse could result in much more turmoil than a trip back to the store to make a return, why not give the decision-making power to someone else?

When faced with too many choices, would you ever relinquish your decision-making power to someone else?

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