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The Gentleman at the Bar Would Like to Buy You an Old Fashioned.

Submitted by Elizabeth Harris on March 15, 2010 – 1:51 amComments

What do women see in the “Older Man”?  I have recently reached the age where it is acceptable and even considered a flattering occurrence when a man more than twice my age will approach and attempt to woo me.  I know plenty of women who would absolutely love this- and in many ways I can understand the older man appeal, but I simply cannot get over the taste of desperation that accompanies their visits to my side of the bar. 

Because of the age-old stereotype of the young bimbette and the adequately cashed man it is not the usual reaction to feel as though these “gentlemen” are acting out of bounds but to me, there is nothing that can hide their insecurities.  This is not to say that once in a while you won’t find an older man who is everything you could want in a partner closer to your age.  A man of such accumulation of minutes, hours and years will mostly likely be more mature but you have to wonder why it is that he’s still single.  Even George Clooney, the eternal bachelor, has issues. 

I know a man like this.  I cannot deny my attraction to him- he exudes masculinity and confidence.  He is well read, appreciates classical music and art, takes charge when you are out with him and is extremely complimentary.  However, the older man can be more sensitive about his flaws than a younger one, despite the façade of confidence.  After all, gravity is not a friend to anyone. It is because of this, not in spite of, that I feel these men urge themselves to hit on younger women.  If they succeed in attracting a woman half their age they can deny their speedy approach to the Depends era for one more day. 

So, ladies, if you find yourself on the receiving end of a martini from a “mature” gentleman across the bar you have to ask yourself the following questions:  Why is this man still single- i.e. what are his issues and how much of his attraction is genuine versus how much of his attraction is to cover up the fact that he is receiving Medicare?     As for me, I believe that older men give you a glimpse at what real romance could be like- since men in their 20’s and early 30’s are completely incompetent in that area.  Personally, I leave the older man as a fantasy- in the hope that the man for me might one day bear some of the traits of the elder generation.

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  • pamsatran
    First of all, he's probably not still single. And if he's not married, he's probably divorced from someone who got fed up with his immaturity, But "speedy approach to the Depends era"? I mean, are these martini-buying guys who hit on you in their 40s and 50s....or their 80s??
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