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Take the bandage off

Submitted by Roechelle on July 2, 2010 – 2:48 pmComments

The purpose of a bandage is to protect an open wound from irritation and infection, the wound slowly heals but it only truly heals when you take the bandage off, when you expose it and let it breathe. Not all wounds are physical, in fact the wounds that cut the deepest are most often the emotional ones. As the days turn into months and the pain and scars of physical wounds disappear, the frustration and loneliness of the emotional ones remain. What is their to do? Well…what we should do is face those wounds head on, forgive whoever wronged you, be it a friend, family member, your own self or a stranger. Know that only you control your life and you have the power to let those wounds heal, but instead most of us willingly and unwillingly put a bandage on our emotional pain preventing it from healing properly. We take up habits like drinking, smoking, excess partying and random sexing hoping that these acts will dull the pain, will heal the emotional wounds, but it doesn’t work. The pain doesn’t go away, the wounds remain and eventually infection sets in. Being unhappy in life is so easy to do, especially in this ugly world of fakeness and disappointments, it takes hard work, strength and tears to be happy. Happiness is a journey, but it is one that I recommend everyone take, it is your choice and only you have the power to take the bandage off and let your wounds heal.

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  • Desiree
    I like this piece. Very profound and deep
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