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Sexual Ambiguity: The Newest Relationship Issue

Submitted by Amber Lee on July 21, 2009 – 12:38 amComments

As if ticking biological clocks and evolving gender roles weren’t enough to deal with, there is a new obstacle for this generation of females – the issue of bisexuality or sexual ambiguity in their partners.

A close friend recently divulged that her long-term boyfriend was a bisexual. Now that wasn’t the most interesting part of the conversation, rather it was the complications of his sexual orientation. There is always the insecurity that one’s significant other may find another person attractive. But for my friend, in those times of doubt, she admitted that she didn’t just gauge herself by other women, but also men. In addition, she feared that she could not satiate her boyfriend’s sexual needs because, well, you know, she’s not a guy.

My friend has spent the duration of her relationship pondering this situation, and resents herself whenever her boyfriend even looks at another person and she feels the pang of insecurity. She self-admittedly has never felt completely stable or safe in her relationship, regardless of her boyfriend’s faithfulness.

But with the advent of a new approach to sexuality and one that is more of a spectrum rather than a black and white situation, bisexuality, or any other sexual circumstance, and the need for a partner’s acceptance will become more of an issue for future couples.

The second issue has its own unique conundrum. What does one do if asked out by a boy that maybe (and that’s a strong maybe, like almost definitely) is gay?

Recently, a close male friend has recently confessed his attraction to an attractive coworker. Now I am not one to presume one’s sexual orientation, but in this particular case, the signs are overwhelmingly in one direction. And it’s not the straight one.

Now, I am not going to tell my friend that I think he is gay. And I’m not going say that I think his love interest continues to hang out with him because she probably thinks of him as her gay best friend. All I can do is offer advice about how to present his affections when he so asks me for it, which unfortunately for me has been rather frequent in the last few days.

As uncomfortable as I may be, I don’t think I could ever address my feelings about his feelings without his broaching of the topic first. And as a friend, the least I can do is be patient. For all I know, he just may be an extremely flamboyant straight male.

Just in the last week, two of my male friends have embodied situations that I feel will become more prevalent and as such, as a single female, I must learn to embrace rather than shirk from this situations.

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  • Ginger Blackstone
    I love what an honest, unbiased friend you are! Few people really examine their reactions before airing them!
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