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Read All the Directions First

Submitted by Clay Neesham on May 23, 2010 – 3:12 pmComments

In my seventh grade science class we were once given a list of instructions to follow, with the teacher specifying to read ALL of the directions before doing anything. The directions went as followed:

 1) On the back of the paper draw a small square.

2) In the square draw a vertical line.

 It went on like this until the last line, which said to ignore the previous directions and leave the paper blank. As can be guessed most people did the directions as they read them and got the point of the assignment wrong.

 Flash forward to the present, where because of the economy I’m putting my college education to good use by working at a department store. Many times a customer will have a complaint that could have been avoided if they had just read the sign in its entirety.

 Customer: The sign for the bedding set says $90, and it’s coming up $130.

Me: The eight piece set is $90. You have the sixteen piece set, which is $130.  

 If the customer took the time to read the entire sign, and not just the price she wanted to see, it would have made both of our lives easier.

 The point of this is: get all the info before drawing your own conclusions.

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