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Submitted by L.A. Urko on May 25, 2010 – 10:15 pmComments

When I go to the dentist I want to explain to the very well educated person that my mouth and gums only bleed twice a year, and it is during my two annual six month cleanings. I vow that I brush my teeth every day, twice a day, and floss at least 5-6 times a week. I am not perfect but my teeth hygiene is not lacking.

I become aggravated during my dental visits due to the the accusations I feel I receive about the fact that my gums are bleeding a lot after a dental hygienist has scraped aggressively against my teeth with a metal, sharp, needle-pointed instrument. I feel that if that same tool was used on my skin, I would also bleed. When my teeth are being cleaned and flossed I am positive that it is not done in a gentle manner.

Sometimes I feel that the pointed objects hit my gums because I feel pain, which I do not feel when my tooth enamel is getting a beat down by this object. I am not blaming the dentist or hygienist because it is a hard job but why accuse me of not taking care of my teeth? At the dentist when I rinse I am spitting out blood, which I can guarantee never happens in my bathroom.

I went to the same dentist from kindergarten until I was 20 years old. It was a pediatric dentist and I only left because my parents and sister said I was too old to be going there. I loved the treatment there. Dentists and hygienists would fight over me because I was old enough to not bite, kick, or scream during my appointment. Even back then my teeth felt different after an appointment but no one made me feel bad about extra plaque on my teeth.

I chose to schedule these appointments. I fear that if I do not my teeth will turn yellow, begin to hurt, fall out and I will be left looking like a hillbilly. But I would enjoy the dentist more if I was not left in a worse condition (the taste of blood in my mouth and sore teeth) after the appointment.

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  • Find another dentist/dental hygienist. Choisters get to change their choices when their first ones don't pan out. However, if the second dentist turns out the same way, start using Listerine in addition to what you already do.
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