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On Destroying Serial Monogamy

Submitted by AnthonyS on March 1, 2010 – 4:37 amComments

My favorite thing to do at bars recently has been to convince my female friends to break up with their boyfriends.  This has had at least two effects: 1)  I potentially alter the life of a stranger (her boyfriend), and 2) I no longer have female friends.

Well maybe the latter isn’t entirely true, but it certainly comes close.  No one wants to hear that the person with whom they’ve chosen to spend the   vast majority of their free time over the past months or years is actually a lame/terrible/salty guy.  But often he is.  Serial monogamy annoys me to no end, mostly because I hate having to hear otherwise great women talk about how terrible their boyfriends are, and how they won’t end it unless something really bad happens.   These women go from relationship to relationship without time between to figure out who they really are, and therefore they fail at love and wonder why.  They’re obsessed with an idea, not a person, and any man who shows interest could reasonably be plugged in like generic puzzle piece.

It’s no secret.  Spending time on your own is difficult.  But nothing will serve you better in the future than taking time to realize truly what you think and feel on your own. Will anyone take the plunge into the vast, unknown, and terrible void that singlehood can be? Probably not, but I think it’s worth a try.

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