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Learning To Follow My “Woman’s Intuition”

Submitted by Shana on May 10, 2010 – 2:21 amComments

Remember these things? If only we could make our choices as easily as this game would have us believe. Photo Courtesy of katerha via Flickr.

‘Why didn’t I listen to my “woman’s intuition?”’ I asked myself that at least half a dozen times in the last year in regards to my romantic relationships.  I’ve come to realize that I could have saved myself some pain and suffering if I had listened to my gut at the time.   Instead of listening to myself, I instead asked advice from those around me and that was a misstep on my part.

It happens to everyone- you meet someone new and you’re uncertain about him/her, so you ask your loved ones for advice.  We all look to others for reassurance when we’re in uncharted territory and a new relationship definitely qualifies as either a highway to Heaven or a highway to Hell.  The problem with asking for advice is that everyone has such different perspectives and the advice is tinged by their own experiences - what worked for one person usually doesn’t work for another one.

Here’s an example: I met a young man in a bar last spring when I was hanging out with my brother.  The young man, we’ll call him Eric, seemed sweet and we stayed up all night talking.  Something just didn’t sit right with me though; my instincts were screaming at me that something was off about him.  I let my brother talk me into dating Eric, who was in the army and was stationed in Texas.  We spoke on the phone, but I’d go weeks without hearing from him, however, my brother assured me that that was just army life.  When I finally went to visit him, my initial flight was canceled.  I remember thinking that it was a sign not to go, but I arranged for another flight and went anyway… it was a disaster.  I got horribly sick and ended up in the post ER.  When I headed back East, I heard from him exactly once and then never heard from him again.  Eric was an ass and I just kept thinking, ‘Why didn’t I listen to my instincts?’

I know my brother was giving me advice tinged on his own experience- he is in the National Guard and has many  good friends in the army who go long lengths of time without speaking for one reason or another.  The truth is that there have been other times in the last year where I wasn’t sure about a guy and I asked advice from those around me.  Only one person has steered me in the right direction by telling me to listen to my instincts- if I felt it wasn’t a right match, then it wasn’t and I needed to learn to trust myself.

My experiences in the last year have taught me that intuition can outweigh traditional logic.   “Instincts,” “feelings,” “woman’s intuition,” are all scoffed at and made fun of in our reality driven society today, but what I find curious is that television networks have a major ratings draw in supernatural themed shows.  Why is it so difficult to believe that not everything needs to be seen to believe in it? I guess it’s time we all made the choice to believe in ourselves and screw it if someone doesn’t like that we call it “woman’s intuition.”

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  • What is intuition?

    It is the part of us that knows what
    is going on even if we are not totally conscious of it. Intuition, sometimes
    referred to as inner guidance, can be described as a mechanism of instinctive
    or inner neither knowing which neither employs nor needs logical thought
    processes. We can call it as an inner voice, level of awareness or alternative
    source of knowledge. All of us possess this mechanism with varying levels, and
    the capacity to develop intuition further.
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