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It’s ok to be cheap

Submitted by Sara McClory on January 17, 2011 – 6:16 pmComments

It’s ok to be cheap, sometimes people mask it and call it ‘frugal’ but really it’s just fancy talk to pinch every penny in your pocket. There’s a few good tips that can save you green, with still getting the luxuries of life.

Tip #1: Beauty

There’s nothing more stylish lately than the au-natural look. Cheap clear lip gloss won’t ruin your budget and you’ll look good. Instead of the heavy eyeshadow, try putting a little bit of blush on your eyes with some mascara. As for the hair, don’t spend $40 on a haircut, go to your local cheap haircut place (or your usual) and ask for a straight up cut, no wash, no dry (you can do that yourself at your home for free, besides they’ll except a better tip if they do the whole shebang).

Tip #2: Food

Trying to loose weight but all the bad stuff for you are cheap? No problem. Buy in bulk and cut out take out completely (ok, maybe just once a month). Even if your craving Chinese food or pizza, go and pick it up to avoid the delivery charge or just buy something at the market. Coupons are not just for your grandmother anymore, surprisingly you can save a lot of doe. Drinks…stick to water, yes tap water that is. For $20 you can buy one of those Burrell filtered pitchers and it’s the best investment you’ll ever make! (or just drink tap water which is free). If you’re trying to loose weight and save money, buy some lemons and limes for flavor and there like a buck for a pack of them.

Tip #3: Clothes, Clothes, Clothes!

What makes a girl happy is a little shopping for absolutely no reason. But in this economy, it’s time to trade in designer and go back to basics. Buy solid color shirts and flock to Marshal’s and TJ Maxx for your Designer fix. Basics are classy, besides we are all a little too old for printed t-shirts (unless there of bands) that say ‘Juicy’ or even ‘Pink’ (sorry VS, your secrets out and the secret is that your too pricey). As for jeans, you want ripped up bleached ones that cost a $100 at Nordstrom? Well do them yourself, $100 can pay for two months of a cell phone bill.

Keep cheap, you might realize that you can do a better job in this economy, at least surviving it.

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