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Submitted by Curry Lynne on May 31, 2010 – 6:44 pmComments

In her late 20s a woman sits at her desk by lamp light.  She is studying.  Tomorrow is a big day because she takes her real estate licensing exam completely unprepared.  How did I do this in college she asked herself.  How was I able to study everyday since I was five and now out of the educational system for 5 years I draw a blank.  The anxiety medication kicks in and she begins to think about her accomplishments in life that resulted from sheer hard work and blind ambition.  One fact remains that helps me get through these uncertain times.  This woman in her late 20s has a complete lack of fear of rejection.  Her philosophical amunition has changed a bit and now follows Jay-Z.  Songs like, “On to the Next One,” remind her that if I do not succeed at one thing screw it then it’s on to the next one.  Or she’ll just do until she does not fail again.

Many of us are taking avenues completely unforseen when we were throwing those square caps into the air.  We were promised the world.  Then the world went crazy.  We are out there hustling to pay the bills and start a life.  Which by old school calculations should have been started five years ago.  However, because of our new economy we obsess over bills, not starving, hoping we don’t break an ankle because we have no health insurance.  These are all real life important things.  How though, are we able to schedule in time for self reflection?  I don’t mean yoga or a good book.  I mean really remembering who we are and that we do not stop growing mentally, ever.  Maybe if we had the power job we could do a little philosophizing on the beach, hell we might even be able to support a family-now a luxury.

I do not mean to say money solves our problems but it may allow for some breathing room.  So, she studies for real estate.  It’s just an idea, maybe it will work out.  It might be better to forget our current situations and remember what it took just to get here and be alive and happy after all we have been through.  Things are just a little different now lacking those cozy borders of the school system.  New endeavors lead to new tests in fortitude.  She may have no fear of rejection but what I know we all have is the ability to be 100% resilient if we allow ourselves to be.  So, I’m going to work at the mall, waitress, do real estate, whatever enables me to get mine.  Whatever you have to do just keep track of that plan of yours.  Like Jack Nicholson said in The Departed, “They don’t give it to ya.  Ya have to take it.”

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