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Generation Y: working on pipe-dreams

Submitted by Chris Evangelista on June 8, 2010 – 1:39 pmComments

Everyone is aware that in able to survive, especially in New York City, one has to be tough. Most of us wake up on Mondays and we go to work. We’re at work at 9 in the morning, we deal with the insanity and leave around 5 in the afternoon. Then we do it again- it’s a vicious series that sucks out our time and energy. Sometimes, we get fed up with it. It’s worse for us, artistic ones- we experience a constant push and pull battle with being practical and believing in the dreamers within ourselves.

A word to fellow twenty somethings- do not lose faith in your pipe dreams just yet. In the midst of the discouraging stories about people giving up happiness for practicality, emerges a beacon of hope for us. In the coming weeks, I will be introducing twenty something entrepreneurs who dared to break the cycle. Featured below is Keith Kirsner.

Keith Kirshner - an F.I.T. graduate who left his job as an account executive for the New York Mets in October of 2008. He launched his fashion consulting company, YourStyleGuy in February of this year. He is the brain behind this one man company- he blogs, he’s the publicist, he’s the photographer, he controls everything on the website,YourStyleGuy.com and he is your fashion consultant as well. To be inspired, check out his website YourStyleGuy.com.

This could be you. Think about it.

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