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Fun at work

Submitted by Lola Schwartz on July 14, 2009 – 2:54 pmComments

As previously mentioned I work for a Producer in Hollywood…
My boss is away on a tech scout in Brisbane, Australia. The time difference is 17 hours ahead of us here, here being Los Angeles,Ca. Normally my hours are 9am-7am, since he has been away I have come in around 10am and have been leaving around 6pm. My “new” hours have allowed me to get the gym twice already this week. I feel invigorated. I have also been able to have coffee and a healthy breakfast every morning as well. I even feel healthier!

The music I play in my cubicle is up to full volume. The seven dwarfs had the right idea you know, always whistling while they were on their way to work .I am officially rocking out to the classic hits of the 70’s and loving it! Everyone that walks by me at work has made a positive comment about what ever song is playing and leaving my desk with a smile on their face. I am spreading joy to all of those around me simply blasting good tune-age! It’s a like a party here…

There is truth in the saying while the cat’s away the mice will play.

I actually couldn’t wait to come to work today, go figure. My work for the week is even done, I have been efficient in my moments of solace.

You know , Hallmark has these amazing holidays now, there’s Boss’s Day, Secretary Day aka: Administrative Professionals Day. Well I would like to have holiday called Fun At Work Day. Seriously think about this people, what would your Fun At Work Day consist of? May it would be being able to simply wear relaxed attire like shorts and flip flops? Maybe even an open bar or an encouragement to have that afternoon cocktail at lunch time ( as long as your don’t work with heavy machinery).

When the last time work was FUN, ENJOYABLE, EXCITING?

There is a buzz in the air ~ Oh I how I want to bottle these timeless moments of peace in my cubicle. No stress, no worries, no non-sense. At any rate its 2 days down and 3 more to go… scout’s can’t last forever BUT the memories of this fine Tuesday can. I will relish in this feeling of euphoria for weeks to come.

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