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Eating with Awareness

Submitted by Lauren on June 9, 2010 – 3:34 pmComments

In the endless possibilities available to myself and fellow “choisters”, comes added knowledge that was not available to generations past. This applies to politics, world news, and even health concerns.

Lately, I have been consumed with trying to eat better for the sake of my health and also for the environment. I knew this would be a challenge, but the more I divulge into this task the more complicated it becomes. Sure there is the mantra of “eat more leafy greens and less animal products”, but this is only the outer layer of this metaphorical onion. Grocery shopping has become a task that requires more knowledge than what type of milk to buy.

All of this boils down to changing my diet to include consuming only grass-fed and antibiotic- free beef, free-range poultry, sustainable fish and organic produce whenever possible.  In turn, I am one of those dreaded restaurant patrons who asks endless questions and stands around in the supermarket looking at ingredients while talking to myself like a lunatic. “Does rice have gluten? Does hormone-free mean free-range too? Wow there is quinoa pasta!” Remind me to bring my study cards next time I shop to prevent my head from popping off and rolling down the baked goods aisle.

Even though with this added food awareness comes a slight headache, I feel privileged to know this information while utilizing it for the greater good of myself and our lovely planet Earth.  All of us choisters have a ton to decide, but like I said, with greater knowledge comes greater responsibility. Now if only I could find my dream job!

by: Lauren Weinstein

Lauren is a Brooklynite/aspiring food writer. Check out her website at www.weinanddine.com

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