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Submitted by Brian Reardon on June 13, 2010 – 9:32 pmComments

I have a confession: I am jobless, like many Americans.

Jobless. 30 credits away from a Bachelor’s degree and 50 credits away from a Master’s degree, but yet I find myself cruising ads online. Despite my predicament, the act of looking through pages and pages of possible occupations has reinvigorated my excitement of graduation next year.

What I have again realized is that the world is full of endless possibilities from which to decide from, and all of growing pains involved with choosing a major are felt once again, and as deeply as ever. How does one choose a definite job path?

Most of my previous experience has been taking guff from middle aged women looking for birthday cakes and dodging Boston traffic while delivering stacks of paper. Considering this, how do I decide between one professional path and another, given no reference?

Even now I find myself apply for everything between ad hoc marketing positions and bussing tables downtown. This excites me-most especially the idea of new experiences. I guess the trick is to take this ‘problem’ in stride, and figure it out as I go.

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