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BFF… Best friend or foe?

Submitted by Kimberly J on March 2, 2010 – 12:48 amComments

Women have a bond to each other that men will never understand. We travel in packs to the restroom for Christ’s sake, and even that, I don’t comprehend. That doesn’t stop me from announcing my trip to the ladies’ room in hopes that one of my friends will have the heart to commiserate over blemishes and flat hair in that oh, so flattering fluorescent lighting.

It seems that we cannot do anything without consulting our girls… until it bites us in the booty.

My go-to girl is my 73 year old grandmother who has the dating stories one dreams of. During a recent phone call, she imparted this useful knowledge: Be careful what you tell your girlfriends about your beau. You never know a person’s underlying motives.

She told me about her best friend (at the time) who she would tell everything. My grandmother had called her BFF to complain that her youngest daughter’s father had decided that he was not going to continue to date her, but would only come by to bring his child support payments. Gram, as I affectionately call her, trusted that her friend would be encouraging because this was the love of her life she was talking about. Her friend however gave her this little gem, “Tell him to take that child support and shove it up his behind!” Gram felt empowered and thanked her friend for giving her the strength to stand up to him. She promptly called him and told him just that, to take his money and shove it.

“Well,” Gram says, “he took his money alright. Took my friend out on a date with it.”  This BFF had been plotting on him all along and later married (and divorced) him. After hearing that, I’ve decided to invest in a lovely diary. One with a nice sturdy lock.

Photo: © Amy Dunn | Dreamstime.com

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  • Celia
    Gotta love the grandmotherly advice!!! Mine recently said "Always wear perfume and don't waste time in the kitchen." Mixed messaging I'd argue...
  • For some reason, I now have visions of Grams, in Dawson's Creek, and that episode where she talked about the boy going off to war she kisssed....dear god....
  • Nicole
    BFF was a very enlightening article.
  • choyster
    They can't send the child support payments via mail or something? UGH.

    I had a locked diary as a child...it's sad those are seen as only for little kids...
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