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Laura's in her final semester at Boston University, the reality of which still hits her at awkward moments on the regular. She has a blog, Just Discretion, which she updates a few times a week. And she loves you. She loves you very, very much.

Obstacles and Muddled Memories
October 4, 2010 – 11:08 pm | Comments

Trusting people is not-so-easy.

What Would Your Future Self Do?
September 20, 2010 – 11:57 pm | Comments

I’m a on a new kick.  See, this being my final semester, the reality of being a college graduate is sinking in.  It’s a slow process, but basically I’m mildly aware that if I continue …

Flirting with Strangers
September 6, 2010 – 5:00 pm | Comments

I have a problem with sarcasm: I overuse it.  Plus, my poker face is amazing (I’m also really modest), so sometimes the inflection doesn’t quite cut it for people.  In other words, I make people …

Attempting a Diet
August 17, 2010 – 3:04 am | Comments

You know those movie scenes when prisoners or people stranded on desert islands get food, and they have those just straight-up animalistic grunts and snorts of pleasure as they pick at their meals like apes …

The Hermit Emerges
August 2, 2010 – 6:43 pm | Comments

Friends don’t let friends lose touch with society at large

And It All Comes Crumbling Down
July 21, 2010 – 3:51 am | Comments
And It All Comes Crumbling Down

It seemed to have such potential, that first night we made small talk on the dance floor.  The lights of a new city can be so enrapturing –turning memories into romantic reels of smiles, laughter …

With a Little Bit of Luck
July 7, 2010 – 11:52 pm | Comments
With a Little Bit of Luck

Sometimes the future is just a little too bitter a pill

Appearance is everything…
July 6, 2010 – 6:30 pm | Comments
Appearance is everything…

What we do to make people believe we’re cooler than we are, and why it’s totally okay.