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Casey is a 23-year-old recent graduate, living in New York while attempting to find a grown-up job. Outside of work, she enjoys making bad decisions under the influence of cute boys and vodka, reading, overdosing on pop culture, and laying awake at night pondering the bounty of life's choices.

Starting Over
October 18, 2010 – 3:26 am | Comments
Starting Over

Is it ever really possible to truly start over?

The F— Buddy
September 27, 2010 – 2:45 am | Comments
The F Buddy

Well, I did it. I broke up with my fuck-buddy.
I am 23, and I have never “broken up” with someone. I’ve gone on underwhelming dates and said no to a second outing; I’ve told guys I’d …

I Like the Bartender
September 8, 2010 – 10:43 pm | Comments
I Like the Bartender

It’s basically a recipe for disaster, but I have never met a bartender (well, a male bartender) I didn’t like.

Romance for Masochists
August 24, 2010 – 2:10 am | Comments

“Journeys end in lovers meeting”
Shakespeare said that, so I believe it to be true. Once you’ve been on a journey and really learned something new, you’re ready to start a new journey. I just wish most of my journeys lasted longer than the walk of shame home in the morning.

Doubtfully Ever After
August 9, 2010 – 4:26 pm | Comments
Doubtfully Ever After

This weekend, I was out at a bar with some friends when I drunkenly stumbled into a guy who looked strangely familiar. We began chatting and despite my hangover-in-the-making, we actually had a coherent conversation. However, despite the good vibes, he unabashedly peppered the conversation with a steadfast motto: “You’re not getting my number.”

You Live, You Learn
July 27, 2010 – 5:03 pm | Comments
You Live, You Learn

Sometimes a new experience hits you like a load of bricks, forever changing your worldview. And sometimes you can cycle through the same episodes over and over and still be stuck in your misguided oblivion.

Committed to Commitment
July 13, 2010 – 1:25 am | Comments
Committed to Commitment

I used to think commitment was something that just happened when you found the right person, so that by the time your partner had transitioned from “the guy I’m seeing” to “my new boyfriend”, the cute stranger on the subway would be just that — a cute stranger on the subway.

July 6, 2010 – 8:17 pm | Comments

Sitting in my parents’ car on the way home from graduation, still in my cap and gown, still hungover from the night before, I got my first call for a job interview.