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The Choice in Every Day

Submitted by Kelsea Brennan on June 10, 2010 – 1:59 amComments

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In life we have really big choices to make.  What school to go to? What to do after college? Where to live? Who to date? What job to take? What to wear?  What to eat? choice Stuck between what we want the most but scared to reach out and grab it.  Our rational minds tell us all the reasons why we should and should not (yes it always gives us both sides) move towards our heart’s desires.  We spend weeks, sometimes months agonizing over the decisions often no one but ourselves is putting pressure on us to make.

We can spend most of our life in a decisive state if we allow our minds to obsess about that which we must choose.

A key to living a more balanced and truly more enjoyable life is to shift the focus.  Begin to pay attention to the choices you are already making day to day.  In each moment, what are you choosing to focus on?  Are you choosing to do the things you enjoy?  Choosing to surround yourself with people that make you feel good? Choosing to replace negative thoughts with thinking that makes you feel better?

Realizing that the life we have is a result of the choices we have made is a big responsibility.  At first it can seem overwhelming and untrue, especially if you have found yourself in a situation you’d rather not be in.  However, it is actually really empowering.  The idea that we have the choice, the power to create the life we want, begins not with the large choices we focus on, but the moment by moment decisions that make up just one day.

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  • Allison
    Kelsea, this is fabulous. So on-point and powerful.
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