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The 90s Are Back

Submitted by Anna Howell on March 3, 2010 – 11:13 pmComments

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Don’t ask why; just be glad.  The 90s are back, and we can be women again.  Not the little girls of the 2000s.  We can be proud of being on top of our shit.  We can be proud of doing whatever we want to do for no other reason than we want to do it.

In a current popular culture obcessed with Lady Gaga, a lady without interior, Beyonce, an independent woman plagued by her bootylisciousness, and a troop of forever-young Disney American princesses who get duller and faker everyday, I’ve been reemerging myself in the music of some very special ladies of the 90s.

I was in elementary school in the ninties, but this music had its lessons for me then and now.  Fiona Apple told me it was cool to mad as hell.  Bjork told me that my womanish made me more complex, not childish.  Salt ‘n’ Peppa told me that I deserve to speak, and I better bring it.  I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I feel like, more and more, our culture is asking us to settle.  In a post-9/11 world, women’s issues seem to take a backseat to the more obvious male-centered political issues of the day.  Let’s take is back.

Here’s a little playlist.  This is why we rule.  And this is why we have options.  Let us rejoice and feel good about it.

Sonic Youth- “Kool Thing”

Lauryn Hill- “I Used to Love Him”

Bjork- “Hyper-Ballad”

Salt’n'Pepa- “My Mic Sound Nice”

Hole- “Garbadge Man”

Bjork- “Enjoy”

Fiona Apple- “Sleep to Dream”

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