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Going the Distance

Submitted by Emily S. on May 6, 2010 – 3:51 pmComments

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The poet Kahil Gibran once wrote: “Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.” He obviously never got stuck in traffic on the Mass Pike in August. It’s during such moments of weakness that I bang my head against the steering wheel and ask myself why, why, WHY am I doing this? The ‘this’ being my long-distance relationship. I live in Boston, where I attend graduate school, while my boyfriend of two years lives in Connecticut. Is it difficult? Of course. Worth the trouble? Absolutely. Well, most of the time.

Once the domain of naive high-school-sweethearts-cum-college-freshman and frequent business travelers, LDRs are becoming more and more common as we ‘choisters’ go the distance when it comes to love. An LDR certainly has its perks: In between visits I can get lazy about my body hair removal, there’s plenty of ‘me’ time, and when we do get together it’s like a fun-filled mini-vacation.

But while technological advances like video chat and texting certainly make it easier to stay connected when you’re apart, it still doesn’t take the place of the little things we may take for granted:  holding hands whenever you want, being able to rest your head against his chest, tickle fights-ok, maybe not the last one, but you get my point. Sometimes you have to miss something in order to really value it. That being said, if you’re considering taking your love across state lines, you’ll realize pretty quickly whether your relationship (and your partner) is a keeper or not.

But as lonely as it can be walking home by myself from a friend’s party, my heart still jumps when my cell phone buzzes and the boyfriend’s name pops up on the screen. That’s when all the visions of toll-booth lines and ‘Massholes’ melt away in favor of nothing more than the two of us sitting on the couch arguing over which HBO movie to watch.

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