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What Would Your Future Self Do?

Submitted by Laura Horton on September 20, 2010 – 11:57 pmComments

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I’m a on a new kick.  See, this being my final semester, the reality of being a college graduate is sinking in.  It’s a slow process, but basically I’m mildly aware that if I continue being a slacker jackass I’m going to get a swift kick in the gut, and I’d like to maybe try to avoid that.  So my new (and improved?) philosophy is to be the person that I’d like to be in, say, 5 years, when responsibilities are seeping out of my pores.  I know, it’s super cheesefest 2010, but some of my old habits realy just need to die.  Like the whole post-day beer tradition: I’ve got homework – that ish really can’t fly.

It’s this inner dialogue I’ve got going.  WWFLD? (That’s: “What would future Laura do?” if you’re curious).  Future Laura would probably not buy that bag of water balloons when she needs the money for parking.  She would not skip washing her face one morning simply because the bathroom looked too far away.  She would not eat that chocolate bar (yeah, sometimes Future Laura’s a giant biatch.)

I’ve been slipping on little things.  Like one morning I forgot to drink the coffee that I home-brewed, which sort of negated the whole going-to-my-first-class thing given that I’m physically incapable of paying attention without caffeine in my system.  Today, I forgot to wear my watch, so I kept checking my naked wrist, which reminded me that I have a bug bite.  Which, obviously, I proceeded to scratch, rub violently, slap and even bite. Future Laura shook her head in shame.

Photo 19

But I am moving a little bit away from the toddler behavior that I’ve been displaying the last few months.  I finally bit the bullet and threw out my giant stuffed animal horse rug.  It was hard, and a little piece of me died, but I figure if I want to continue cuddling up with Curious George every night, I have to make a few sacrifices.

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