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The Hermit Emerges

Submitted by Laura Horton on August 2, 2010 – 6:43 pmComments

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I’m not really a social person.  I mean, I have friends to hang out with, parties to attend, conversations to have, but I spend a lot of time on my own – writing, thinking, running, doing errands, doing homework or curled up watching Season 3 of Heroes (next up: The X Files.  Love you, Netflix.) I love my alone time.

But even for me, there’s such a thing as being too antisocial.  After about two weeks of solitude, save roommate and neighbor interaction, I start losing my basic social skills.  I stop putting on pants around the apartment.  I stop brushing my hair.  I stop returning Facebook messages, emails and texts.  I eat cereal for three meals a day.  After too much time, I stop doing my homework and just bury my head under my pillow until the sun goes back down (daytime television is just so boring).

It’s so easy to just leave the world on the other side of the door, and only come up for supplies when it’s absolutely necessary (like when the popsicles run out… no one delivers popsicles.)

That’s why I love my friends.  They’re all, “Let’s grab a meal,” and suddenly I’m standing in the unfamiliar “outside,” subject to the elements and the passing glances of fellow pedestrians, and I get sparked back into the real world.  Oh right! There’s a future I should be preparing for, there are people to meet and things to do and bucket-list items to try.  And I should really run a comb through my hair.

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