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Sex and the Middle East?

Submitted by Rachel Pollock on May 25, 2010 – 11:03 pmComments

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Sex and the City 2 is set to premier on May 27th in theaters. While I openly admit to enjoying the show, the second movie seems to border on some shaky territory, especially when dealing with a culture that is quite different from our own.

I enjoyed the first movie, but some of the messages were somewhat confusing.  It seemed like the overarching theme was supposed to be that friendship between women can conquer life’s hardships. However, Carrie was a mopey mess until her reconciliation with Mr. Big. The idea of Sex and the City 2 is even more confusing to me. Why in the world would they set the movie in Abu Dhabi of all places? And why does she happen to bump into her ex?

Sex and the City (the show) worked for the pure and simple reason that it’s entertaining. The characters were relatable and the subject matter was often superficial, but still amusing.

Sex and the City 2—is set in the Middle East and while I haven’t yet seen the movie, so many things can go horribly wrong with this idea. The small inkling of international travel that has already been portrayed in the first movie makes me cringe. (I’m mostly thinking of Charlotte refusing to eat the food in Mexico.)

It makes me very nervous that a bunch of cocktail loving, boy crazy, shoe buying New Yorkers are going to be parading around the Middle East riding camels in stilettos. Personally, I think the idea of Sex and the City is fantastic but probably doesn’t translate very well outside of the New York area.

That said, I will most definitely be going to see the movie.  Two of my co-workers are women’s rights activists and they both consented to seeing the movie and possibly drinking cosmos afterwards. It’s a confusing world we live in.

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