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Child Stars, They Grow Into Adult Sex Symbols So Fast

Submitted by ALo on July 14, 2009 – 7:30 pmComments

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degrassi_group2You may have heard of a little Canadian, teenage-themed show called Degrassi, it’s had a large cult following among teenagers and adults alike. Think Beverly Hills 90210, but with substance and gravitas, these kids can act! They’re only high-schoolers but they deal with some very mature and contemporary problems such as – school shootings, online predators, cancer, self-harm and sexual identity issues. At the center of it all is Aubrey Graham who played the role of “Jimmy,” the well-rounded, morally righteous basketball star who gets put into a wheel chair, as a victim from a school shooting. But, like the clean-cut, Eagle Scout that Jimmy is, he perseveres and coaches the men’s basketball team from his wheel chair.

Jimmy was the ethical center to Degrassi, his moral compass was never swayed by drugs, alcohol, or the temptations of sexual exploration. He was always the guy to break up an unfair fight (i.e., between computer geek “JT” and school bully “Spinner”), and always the gentleman, holding hands with girlfriend “Hazel,” but never going any further – ok maybe they pecked on the lips, once. Regardless, it appears Degrassi’s beloved golden child has been spoiled by the enticements of the music industry, for “Jimmy” is now, “Drake,” a major hip-hop recording artist.


While all the other stars from Degrassi are either on the Disney Channel, making Lifetime movies, or studying at the University of Montreal – little Jimmy, nee Drake, is singing about making bra straps pop and having wild orgy parties at his condo! Doth mine ears deceive me? I was heartbroken when Jamie Lynn Spears from Nickelodeon’s Zoey 101 got knocked-up, but at least she didn’t make catchy pop songs about her pre-marital escapades in the Louisiana backwoods. Drake’s latest music video has him coaching, this time a women’s basketball team, and as is fitting in a music video, the girls are falling out of the skimpy outfits. At half-time Drake tells the team they need to guard the other team’s defense better, “take that D, take that D” he yells at them. Tisk, tisk, not only are his lyrics explicitly explicit, but he has to result to raunchy double-entendres as well. No surprise he has signed with Lil Wayne’s label. It seems Jimmy, oops, I mean “Drake,” is trying to prove a point – Jimmy ain’t no virgin anymore!

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  • Do you remember the episode where he wanted to lose his virginity to Ashley but had some problems getting it up due because of his paralysis? Good ol' Degrassi memories...

    He's definitely a changed man now. It looks like the fast life has gotten to him, but I have to admit I like his flow (it would be better without so much profanity) and he has a great singing voice. Our little Jimmy is all grown up now!

  • Chrissy B.

    Wow, I couldn't agree more! How is that our beloved Jimmy succumbed to the lifestyle of a raunchy hip-hop icon?

    Yes, I too was both shocked and saddened by this metamorphasis.
    (I ttempted to listen to a few of his songs, but I could barely make out the meaning amongst all of the vulgar language.)

    But yes..Jimmy or "Drake" is definitely not a virgin anymore..

    The boy has now become a MAN..lol : )

    But I'm not hating.. he's cute!! .. More power to ya Drake!

    love the article!!!!!!!!!1

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