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How to make it and keep it, and what it feels like to do neither.


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Against the Bombardment of Beauty
September 10, 2009 – 1:46 pm | Comments
Against the Bombardment of Beauty

“You’re Worth It.” Translation: Buy Our Shampoo. If I don’t…does that conversely mean that I’m not worth it?? “Create a sexy, slimmer new you.” Really? A “new me?” What was wrong with the old one?

When You Were Young
August 21, 2009 – 9:40 pm | Comments

I’m no expert on love. I do however, refuse to be in a relationship with someone I’m not in love with. That may make me too idealistic. It may make me too picky. It definitely makes me single for most of my life. But when I ask my friends “Are you in love with him?” and they can’t answer the question right away, I already know the answer.

FREEDOM IS SLAVERY – The Paralysis of Choice
July 28, 2009 – 5:33 pm | Comments

It is July 28, 2009. I could be a writer or a web developer. A career woman or a housewife. Gay or straight. Male or female. I am all of these things. I am none of these things.